Leadership Skills Center and Entrepreneurial Hub for the Deaf in India

Creative Commons Photo by elysepatten @ Flickr

India: The Need

In India, there are approximately 12 million Deaf people, 80% of whom have no access to any formal education.

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GRO envisions an India in which Deaf individuals have access to high-quality leadership and management skills training program in a focused, empowering environment.

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GRO seeks to provide Deaf young adults with the requisite skills and positive reinforcement to inspire them to think beyond their social constructs and aim to succeed.

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“We have a large number of hands to work. And, we have even larger numbers of dreams to be realised. We are dreaming big. Our dreams are numerous. Our dreams can become the seeds of your growth. Our aspirations can propel your ambitions.”

- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“Educating and skilling our youth to enable them to get employment is the altar before which we must all bow.”

- Arun Jaitley